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Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p

Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p

Majnu is a Telugu romantic comedy-drama movie written and directed through Virinchi Varma. It functions Nani and Anu Emmanuel within the lead roles. The film changed into released international on 23 September 2016.Majnu is a romantic comedy about the life of an assistant director Aditya and his relationship with two women. At the same time, he is also attempting to write a romantic comedy story.Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p.

Majnu Telugu Movie Download


The plot revolves around Aditya(nani), who works as an assistant director for Bahubali . someday, he sees Suma(Priya Shri),a girl who works inside the office of his buddy,Kasi(sathya), works in , and gets interested in her while he became assisting Kasi to propose to Suma. After a chain of activities, Aditya tells Suma his love story in Bhimavaram.Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p.
Aditya handed his engineering and were given a task in infosys,bengaluru for which he and his buddy are partying.at the same time as he is under the influence of alcohol,he sees Kiran(Anu Emmanuel) and falls in love together with her.As Kiran is driving motorbike,she crashes into the Aditya and he’s rushed to the sanatorium. in the health center he proposes to Kiran before passing out. Aditya leaves his task in bengaluru to search for Kiran and finds out that she is analyzing engineering inside the college he used to have a look at. at the same time as chasing her to the class, the entire magnificence think that he’s a prof and he maintains coaching them. The fundamental admits Aditya as a junior lecturer due to the fact he liked Aditya’s teaching talents. After a chain of events,Kiran starts offevolved to love Aditya. someday,while Kiran questions Aditya about what’s taking place among them,Aditya replies inside the shape of a love letter and impresses Kiran. After this story, a teary Aditya runs far from the restaurant. Suma curious about why they broke up asks Kasi who tells that they broke up because of him. in the future,Kiran sees Aditya combating some goons and ask him what passed off. Aditya replies that he fought them as they attacked Kasi.while Kiran asks if she is critical or his pal kasi,Aditya replies that his buddy is critical.Then Aditya attempts to persuade Kiran but she brushes him off . Aditya tells Kiran that he’ll run away to a place in which he might not see or remember her.Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p.
Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p.Suma inspired by Aditya’s love tale starts offevolved loving him. while Kasi tells him approximately this,Aditya says that he realized that he still loves Kiran and packs up to Bhimavaram. inside the railway station Aditya sees Kiran and is greatly surprised to recognize that she is Suma’s cousin. In Suma’s residence,Suma tells Aditya her love tale.She cherished Raghu who cheated her and then she fell into despair. Aditya attempts to talk to Kiran,who tells him that she misunderstood Kasi and came to express regret to him but turned into harm by using his speak. Suma tells Aditya that she and Kiran are going to Mumbai for Kiran’s task interview to which he accepts to accompany them. In mumbai,he gives Kiran self assurance for her task interview. After returning to Hyderabad, he follows Kiran to Bhimavaram (even preventing goons for her) to discover that Kiran is getting married to Hemanth(Raj Tarun). IN Bimavaram, Kiran and Aditya inform Suma that the female Aditya’s love tale changed into Kiran. Aditya once more tells them that he’s going to run away to an area where he may not see or don’t forget them. Suma, who forgives Aditya,tells Kiran to do the same and offers Adithya’s letter to her. Kiran realizes that the whole lot he wrote inside the letter changed into proper and tells Hemanth approximately it. Hemanth concurs to assist them reach Adithya who plans to enroll in overseas sanyasinns in Goa.while Adithya boards the teach,Kiran who follows the teach on a motorbike ,catches him at the same time as he were given right down to drink water. Kiran then proposes to Adithya. movie ends with rajamouli giving merchandising to Adithya as co director.Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p.


IMDB Ratings:
Romantic, Drama,Comedy,
720p DVDScr.
Virinchi Varma.
Virinchi Varma.
Stars: Nani,Anu Emmanuel,Priya Shri.


Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720pMajnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p

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Majnu Telugu Movie Download 2016 Full HD 720p

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